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Friday, April 24, 2009

Travel update: Tropical night cycling

Flying Ryanair and Air Asia from Sweden to Kuala Lumpur worked out well. I had a few hours on Stansted, and landed after 9 p.m. in K.L. The humid heat was noticable but not too bad at 29 degrees celcius. There were heavy thunderstorms at the horizon and pitch dark except for lightning and street lights around the airport. I relaxed for a few hours before deciding to ride my bike to the city, 72 kilometers away. The problem was finding a good route at night. The free tourist map had only big motorways, and even on Google Earth it looked difficult to find any other alternatives, because of rivers and few small roads. I started cycling on the freeway. It's in very good condition, and lit up and didn't have much traffic at this time of night (3 a.m.). After 16 kilometers it started raining. I had cycled into a thunderstorm. I stopped under an overpass to get away fron the rain, but the wind soon made it rain both vertically and horizontally. A fine drizzle came blowing in under the overpass making averything wet. I talked to a couple of motorbike drivers who also stopped. When the rain got less extreme I kept cycling. The traffic started to build up as I had a rice breakfast at a truck stop and gas station. The traffic got really crazy around eight, and I had a puncture just half an hour before reaching the city center. I found a good guest house after asking around among some backpackers.

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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Photo of the Day: Anemone hepatica

Kidneywort, liverwort, pennywort, Common Hepatica (Anemone hepatica).
Blåsippa (Hepatica nobilis eller Anemone hepatica).

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Next stop: Kuala Lumpur

I'm on the move again. I'm flying to Malaysia on the 19th of April with my old bicycle, my camera, and a new netbook computer that is still in the mail. My plan is to take photos, travel by bike, write som blog posts, and think about the future.