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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Western Forest Complex: Day 2

We kept cycling along the western side of the Sri Nakarin (Sri Nakharind) Reservoir during the morning. At the largest village there was even a short stretch of asphalt. As we got closer to the lake shore and the ferry the road got smaller and rougher again. There is a small shop/restaurant at the "jetty" (gravel beach at the end of the road), and the ferry is supposed to leave at two p.m. or whenever it's full. The "ferry" looks like a barge with a longtail motor at the rear right corner. It has some shaded seating space along the sides and can probably take up to nine cars or other loads.

We continue inland and west from here and the road climbs steeply into the forest complex. Some sections have concrete, but it's mostly loose or hard packed gravel.

Steep climbs into the higher areas of the Western Forest Complex, Thailand.

The road meets another road connecting to highway 323 later in the afternoon, and there is some asphalt road around a larger village. We see the first foreigner on the trip in this village, a dutch pensioner living there with his Thai wife. We camp a couple of kilometers north of it near a couple of steep limestone formations.

Morning mist and coffee at our second camp site.

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