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Friday, June 13, 2008

Cycling with skis: Day one

2008-05-27: Trosa - Lake Mälaren (97 km)

I had most of my gear packed the night before departure, but I had some experimenting to do with fixing the skis. If they're tied too low they get stuck in the front panniers while turning. If they are positioned to far back the bindings get in the way of my thighs. I found that there was only one option for how to place the skis (see photo in previous blog post).

I filled up water and fuel bottles and left around noon. The weather was perfect. After 25 kilometers I chose a smaller road in the countryside. At Kattnäs I made the first mistake. I took a chance on following a local bike trail, but it didn't go where i guessed it would go. I ended up on the west side of lake Klämmingen. No big deal. It was also hard to find the right way in Åkers styckebruk, and in central Strängnäs. I cooked some macaroni after crossing the first bridge across lake Mälaren, and camped just before the second one.

The first camp site on an island in lake Mälaren.

Cycling with skis tied to the frame was a bit odd at first but I soon got used to it. I had to readjust the straps at one point, and going fast on bad bumpy dirt roads did not feel safe.

If you have Google Earth you can follow the route for day one with this: norway_2008_tour_day1.kmz


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